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Virtual CFO

An Accounts Solution Bridge Between Its Illness To Aid

This service is more beneficial for small & developing business. These organizations hire book keepers but at the same time hiring a CFO on full time basis can be an expensive proposition for organisations. CFO outsourcing services helps in keeping the fixed costs low and provides flexibility for choosing services as and when required. The CFO consulting services are not involved in the routine data entry, or bookkeeping activities as they are performed by a accountant of the company. The Virtual CFO’s reviews all of these activities and provides guidance and recommendations that would benefit the organisation. It acts as a support system in preparation of accounting and financial records and give their valuable inputs on improving financial systems in the company.

Major key roles include –

  • End of Year Accounting or Reviewing
  • Tax Forecasting
  • Business Analysis
  • Strategic Planning
  • Periodic Reporting & Meeting for the same
  • Regular Support

Certain benefits of CFO Services –

  • In The Absence Of A CFO, Small Business Owners Have To Keep A Track Of Accounting And Finance. This Reduces Their Concentration Of Core Product Hence Virtual Cfo Increases Focus On Core Business Activities.
  • Keeping Intact Existing Professional Relations Between The Organization & Existing Chartered Accountant
  • Utilising Knowledge Of A Professional Team Compare To A Single Person Full Time CFO
  • Relatively Affordable As Hired Based On The Need & Services Provided.
  • More Experience Of Many Companies Leading To Awareness Of Common Problems Which Can Be Easily Solved
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