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Strategic Partnering

Our Motto For Partnering Is : Make, Implement & Monitor

With ideology of providing business solution to problems perceived by the Company, we assist with framing up of new strategies and models. Basically bridge between business and management, Employee & Employer and lastly result and thought.
With continuous involvement at Top level, we assist in creating foresight towards actual implementation of strategy /roadmap with continuous working together on platform of implementation and monitoring thereafter. Various strategy elements are enlisted below:
At SN & Co We believe in Solution Serving through Problem Partnering, Various Tools to effect the same are as follows –

  • Turnaround Strategies & Makeover plans – Attempt for Revival & Sustenance

    Working on enhancing Company’s Profitability to turn it positive and apply tools like unique evaluation, weekly graph performance, profit-margin analysis, focus element, other avenues, team building & so on.Further also playing an elite role in preparing Makeover plans with insightful visions on succeeding year’s performance through preceding year’s tools of finance, operations and budgets in makeover planning.

  • HR Restructuring & Corporate Retreats – Right nerve for Right Job

    Revamping entire Organogram, revisiting JD’s, swapping of inter profile, redrafting performance appraisal tool & so on. Further hosting (Quiz Competition) and organising corporate galas and retreat is one of the key areas focused proving increased efficiency through key knowledge and culture building activities and enhances synergies.

  • MIS Structuring & Analysis – Data Collating , Reading & Declaring results

    We design the reporting formats for such information which provides intellectual insights to an entrepreneur for effective decision making and run it on pilot basis Along with providing a 3rd eye perspective to analyse and review the same.

  • Model Based Tactic & Value Additions – Road Map towards Company’s benefits

    We prepare unique models like Incentive Model to boost up sales and Future Cash Flow Model to penetrate gap in fund movement & budget review model as cost curtailment & so on. We provide a Latitudinal & longitudinal approach in shifting our energies in specified areas to increase the value of company i.e through revenue enhancement and phasing out cost functions to change the dynamics in order to tackle objectivity and achieve a changeover to be an emergent.

  • Health Check-up – An Antidote for your Anecdote

    Diagnosis of particular area or a department in and organization and in-depth ascertainment of the gaps, risk and remedies onto it. Reviving an organisation through quad theory of “S” using Directive approach and skill set enhancing business aids.

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