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Risk Advisory Services

We understand the importance of controls in state-of-the-art sphere of economy and value the mechanism to be adopted for overcoming such loop holes in processes and company at large. We enrich study on designing and suggesting the control existence and robust processes covering risk module at large through.

  • Internal Audit  – Modern Integrated Risk based audit & analysis

    With change in era, Mobility of resources and Quantum of misrepresentation observed in industry, the essentiality of considering risk perspective has emerged stronger than ever, and thus new focus area are required along with sea changes in auditing tool and company structure requiring various other built in controls. We offer services that convict deep dives on issues and carrying out root cause analysis with help of various analytical tools identifying risk and mitigation measures to be adopted by the Company. Modern internal risk based audit with approach of value add considering various risk attached using innovative tools and suggest mitigation measures to reduce risk.


  • IFC Design & Testing – Designing of Compliant – Internal Financial Controls

    Designing of IFC – Internal Financial Control as required under law and adequate testing combined with immense knowledge in process understanding in lieu of risk and controls –

    • — Line of Verticals – Listing of Entity Level Controls & Process Level Controls by preparing risk control matrix playing vital role in designing IFC
    • — Providing for Policy Assessment and Compliance Module
    • — Categorization of controls – System & Manual & Preventive & Detective & etc.

    Testing IFC – We carry out Testing of controls to justify operational effectiveness and design sufficiency.

  • Standard operating Procedures –Setting of Guideline to Work – Do’s & Don’ts

    We endeavour to re -engineer / design each process stronger, faster and simpler. SYSTEM CENTRIC and NOT PERSON CENTRIC and covering aspects like Controls, Software Exploration, Reducing Risk, Authority Matrix, Escalation , Documentation,  Accounting & so on and so forth.

  • Project Audit – Evaluation of Project – 360 degree approach

    Conducing site audits with aspects of milestones, running account bills, advance adjustment and comparing budgeted to actual cost overrun.

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