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Forensic Audit & Specialized Services

  • Investigation & Forensic Audit – Existence of Fraud with adequate evidence

    Search engine in the Company wherein identify wrong doings, mishaps or real problems company underlined with and provide substance and reasons and remedy to overcome it. Conducting high skill based activity to examine financial records acting as evidence against fraud or financial misrepresentation and identify modus operandi in such wrongful act and suggest remedy to prevent such damage in future. We are committed to providing you a turn-key solution, from collecting forensic evidence to analysis of data using latest technologies.

  • GST Implementation – Smooth Drive to Institutionalize GST.

    To carry out GST impact study and its road map towards implementation like process change, IT change, procedures change & product costing change & so on.

  • Financing & Debt Securitization – Assistance on various options of finance

    To suggest right means of finance available and liaison with banks NBFC and ensure borrowing takes place at beneficial rate and Delivery of Chain of Activities like deal cracking, pool audit, investor reporting and authentication of pay outs.

  • Certification

    Certificate required by lending house, debt securitization & so on.

  • Need-call Services – Customized Solutions

    We focus on providing Tailor made solutions as per your needs for the problem or obstacle at hand. We have already provided for SAP Master clean up activity and KYC compliance at large with benefits attached to the clients.

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